International Erasmus Day in Kazatiso



November 24, 2021


г. 9 Nauryzbai Batyr St., Almaty, Kazakhstan

On November, 24 International Erasmus day in Kasatiso took place in Kazakhstan (hybrid format). The event was hosted by the academy of labour and social relations.

The roundtable comprised 10 key speakers from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Bulgaria. SMARTI project was represented by assistant professor of English philology department (Ogarev MSU) Olga Safonkina.

Her report had a title «Internationalization at home as internationalization of the curriculum». The presentation explained the essence of internationalization process and underlined the part SMARTI project plays within this context. “A modern university cannot exist outside of internationalization”.
The internationalization of education encompasses such main forms of cooperation as:

— mobility of individuals, students or instructors in educational and scientific purposes
— mobility of educational programs and institutional mobility
— creation of new international programs and standards
— integration of international standards
— institutional partnership
— creation of strategic educational consortiums


In this context Erasmus+ program of the EU has all the prerequisites for supporting internationalization in global scale through various types of its project activities.


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