Kazan International Linguistic Summit KILS 2021



15 - 19, 2021


Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia

On November, 15-19 Kazan federal university hosted Kazan international linguistic summit «Language diversity in a global world» KILS 2021.

The event was organized by Kazan federal university, Institute of language studies and institute of linguistics of Russian Academy of Sciences.

The key purpose of the summit is:

— presentation and promotion of significant linguistic studies
— discussion of most recent scientific achievements in the sphere of linguistics and problems it encounters
The summit was held online via Microsoft teams and comprised 32 famous scientists from 11 countries alongside with more than 500 participants from all over the world.

On November 18 on behalf of RU project consortium a presentation “The perspective of English as a Medium of Instruction in Russian Universities” was made by Evgenia Bulina and Natalia Krivosheeva.
The report demonstrated the results of the follow-up survey within Desk&Field study in Russia (WP1) and reflected on the students’ opinion on quality of teaching through EMI in their universities, problems and gaps, methods and technologies of teaching etc.

A presentation was made as well by a special guest, dr. Casey Beaumont, Academic Achievement Manager, who represented Liverpool John Moores University, also a member of the international SMARTI consortium. The presentation had a title “Rosetta Stone for English language development”.

The KILS offered a great opportunity to introduce SMARTI project to various kinds of target audience: teachers, students, researchers and all the interested parties around the world.


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