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M. Nalbandyan State University of Shirak (SUSh) is the biggest and only public university in the region that provides a wide range of professions: both pedagogical and university (non-pedagogical) ones. It was established in 1934. SUSh is an educational, scientific and cultural institution. Its mission is to prepare specialists owning skills and competences in accordance with labor market requirements in BA, MA and PhD levels.
SUSh has more than 2500 students and 117 Candidates of Sciences, 16 Doctors, 12 Professors, 92 Associate Professors, 42 Assistants and 80 Lecturers. At present, SUSh has 4 Departments: Deaprtment of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Humanities and Arts; Social Sciences and Law Studies; Pedagogy. The management of the University is implemented by the University Council, the Academic Council, the Rector’s Board. SUSh has 14 Specialized Chairs with more than 30 specialties. SUSh is currently participating in two other ERASMUS+ CBHE projects (ABioNet- «Armenian Network of Excellence in Bio-products and Science and Technology» and WBL4JOB-“Introducing Work-based Learning in Higher Education Systems of Armenia and Moldova for Better Employability of Graduates”). Besides, SUSh has implemented a number of EU projects. SUSh cooperates with “Birthright Armenia” organization, the volunteers of which conduct English language trainings with SUSh students and staff. SUSh has a department of English Language and Literature, as well as “English Language” and “Translation Studies (Armenian-English, Russian-English)” specialties.

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