Module Piloting 1st at Armenian National Agrarian University



December 4, 2023


Yerevan, Armenia

On December 4, an external evaluation was conducted for the piloting of two modules developed by ANAU as part of the Erasmus+ SMARTI project. To participate in the event and assess the modules, Eduardo Cardoso, a lecturer from the Catholic University of Portugal, visited Armenia.

Eduardo Cardoso expressed great satisfaction with the high-quality compilation and delivery of the modules. He specifically highlighted the engaging nature of the materials and the interactive, student-centered approach adopted in the classes. An online survey was also administered by the program to evaluate the pilot teaching of the modules, involving participation from the expert, course participants, and the trainer. The course received high ratings from all parties involved.

The modules were developed and the training sessions were conducted by Liana Vardanyan, a PhD and Associate Professor in English. Garnik Sevoyan and Seryozha Karapetyan, precision agriculture specialists, also contributed to the development of the modules.

As previously mentioned, ANAU is responsible for two modules: “EMI Oral Teaching Skills” and “ESP/English for Special Purposes.” The total teaching duration for both modules is three weeks, with three meetings per week.

It is worth noting that 30 registered participants enthusiastically expressed their willingness to join the courses to enhance their English proficiency.


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