Module Piloting 1st at Goris State University



November 22, 2023


Goris, Armenia

The EMI piloting training initiative, which commenced on November 22, signifies a significant milestone at the newly inaugurated EMI center at Goris State University (GSU), dedicated to GSU students and staff. Proficient educators, including Lilit Atabekyan (a subject teacher) and Naira Mezhlumyan and Naira Safaryan (Language teachers), conduct the training sessions.

The training program is organized into two modules, providing a comprehensive approach to curriculum development and instructional design:

1. Pre-Modular Curriculum Development and Instructional Design (ECTS and EU Tuning and EU Tuning Framework Training): This module encompasses essential components of curriculum development and instructional design, with a focus on concepts such as ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) and EU Tuning. The integration of EU Tuning Framework Training ensures alignment with European standards and educational frameworks.

2. EMI Module Curriculum Development and Instructional Design: This module specifically addresses the intricacies of English Medium Instruction (EMI), tailoring the curriculum and instructional design to the unique challenges and opportunities presented in an English-language learning environment. Integral to the training process is the incorporation of evaluation and feedback. Both EU and Armenian project coordinators actively participated in observing the training sessions. To gain insights into the effectiveness of the EMI Center, the trainers, and the overall training experience, trainees were required to complete a questionnaire. Developed thoughtfully by Riga Technical University, this questionnaire serves as a tool for assessing various facets, including the facilities at the EMI Center, the proficiency of the trainers, and the overall quality of the training program.


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