Certification Association “Russian Register” (RR)

About RR

The Certification Association “Russian Register” is the biggest internationally recognized Russian QA certification and expert organization. The independence and objectivity of Russian Register, as well as the competence of its personnel, are proved by numerous national and international accreditations and positive experience of over 15 years of work. Its clients are more than 5000 organizations from Russia and 20 more countries of near and far abroad.


RR provides its partners with a wide range of QA certification and QA expert services, beneficial contract terms and internationally recognized QA service. 


In accordance with national and international requirements, Russian Register provides QA services in management system, personnel and product Certification, Inspection and assessment of professional education quality.


One of the key fields of activity of Russian Register is cooperation with the educational organization in the area of education QA conformity to the requirements of international standards (supporting EMI), European education QA standards and guidelines of ENQA, legal requirements for education QA both on the institutional and program level. RR has the long-term experience in assessment of internal quality management systems of the educational organizations; RR registrar of certified organizations includes 250 records about educational organizations. Russian Register is included into the national registrar of accrediting organizations established and maintained upon request of the Russian Ministry of education and science. Over 200 education quality assessment experts have been trained on the basis of Russian Register.


RR is a full member of INQAAHE, APQR and an affiliate member of ENQA.

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Certification Association “Russian Register”

Liteyny Prospect, 45/8, lit. A, pom. 6H

St. Petersburg

Russia, 191014


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