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By highly appreciating and retaining its mission of being the unique and leading HEI in Syunik region of RA, Goris State University (GSU) has continually been developing the system of higher education for already half a century thus ensuring the inter-institutional and intercultural relations in line with the Bologna provisions.

Being a dynamically developing regional HEI GSU prepares skillful and competitive specialists who actively implement their activities in schools and other various fields of economy in Syunik Region of Armenia.


GSU celebrated its 50th anniversary of its activity in October 2017. In 2018 GSU was granted accreditation by The National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) of Armenia.


Research and educational-methodological work is being implemented at the university. The number of the academic staff employed at the university is 97 among whom there are 8 Doctors and Professors in Science, 32 PhD and Associate Professors and 57 Assistant Professors and lecturers. The number of students at GSU comes up to 1400.


The university has three faculties: The Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Engineering. The education is realized in 16 specialties through Bachelor’s academic Program and 11 Master’s academic programs through full-time and correspondence courses.


Several laboratories and research centres have been created as the result of the cooperation with local companies and the implementation of international projects/the laboratory of electrical energetics, the GIS lab, an Inclusive Education classroom, QA and Students’ Career Support Centre, well-equipped reading rooms and classrooms.


The university is effectively implementing its strategic plan by continually improving its image and reputation and raising the employability of its graduates in the labour market.


In the frameworks of the process of internationalization GSU intends to expand its cooperation and involvement in other projects aiming at:

  • Modernization of the University based on the best practices of the partner universities and its own potential by way of reforms and innovations.
  • Introduction and implementation of educational and research projects and services in line with the needs and development opportunities in the fields of education, culture and economy of Syunik Region
  • Preparation and recruitment of competitive and comprehensively skilful specialists corresponding to the European standards and meanwhile remaining loyal to the principles of democratization, liberalization, tolerance, education accessibility and lifelong learning
  • Introduction of an effective and flexible system of management and administration
  • Fostering the students’, academic and administrative staffs’ mobility and mutual visits which will contribute to the exchange of best practices and progressive approach to the system of education.
  • Design and introduction of EMI courses, joint education programs,
  • Improvement and relevance of the professional education at GSU by the scaling up and the experience of the previous international projects
  • Stepping up onto a new stage of the assessment of the market requirements and university potential raising its graduates’ employability and qualifications
  • To create a professional structure aiming to foster the university’s social relations at various levels through the inclusion of refugees, Asylum seekers, migrants, people with special needs etc.

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