National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA)

About ANQA

The National Centre for Professional Education Quality Assurance Foundation (ANQA) is a non-membership and non-commercial organization established on the basis of voluntary property payments of the founder and aims to make studies, analyses, recommendations and evaluations in the sphere of professional education.


ANQA fosters the assurance of tertiary education quality standards and ongoing quality enhancement, supporting the autonomy and accountability of tertiary level institutions (TLIs). ANQA strives to promote public trust, social cohesion, equity, responsibility and competitiveness through periodic enhancement of the quality of educational services.


ANQA carries out its mission by:

  • being receptive to the needs of national stakeholders through its mandatory institutional and voluntary programme accreditation;
  • aligning its QA criteria and standards with international standards and guidelines;
  • ensuring international recognition, thereby assisting to strengthen the position of Armenian professional education in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA);
  • attaching importance to close cooperation with stakeholders in the process of developing the quality assurance system


ANQA priorities at the national level are:

  • ongoing support for further development and fulfilment of internal quality assurance (IQA) systems in TLIs;
  • effective and efficient fruition of the programme accreditation process and its public recognition keeping the focus on the alignment of learning outcomes with the Armenian National Qualification Framework, on teaching and learning methods, assessment, student-centred education, recognition of qualifications;
  • protection of students’ interests and competition in the market of educational services;
  • promotion of local institutions internationally;
  • transparency of reliable information on the quality of tertiary education and its availability for both local and international stakeholders.

ANQA is a full member of ENQA and of INQAAHE, is a member of EQAR, CEENQA, CIQG. Since 2008, it has conducted about 30 institutional and program accreditations.


ANQA has been active in the implementation of various projects. At this level, the impact is tangible with regard to support to the development of internal quality assurance systems at tertiary level institutions, pilot accreditations, training of internal quality assurance staff of TLIs and development of external quality assurance system.

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