Ogarev Mordovia State University (MRSU)

About MRSU

MRSU was founded in 1931. It is a classical university with over 20,000 students which means it pays equal attention to both Humanities and Science. In 2010 the Russian Government awarded MRSU the status of National Research University. MRSU incorporates 17 academic departments, 7 research institutes and 2 affiliated campuses, fully-fledged research infrastructure, E-Learning Centre. In 2012 MRSU was awarded the Recognized Excellence Level by the National Quality Award for Higher Education.


The latest edition of the Top University Rankings (QS) ranks it 189th out of 300 Eastern European and Central Asia universities. Among Russian universities, it ranks 45th and 20th among classical Russian HEIs.


The university realizes the importance of ongoing international cooperation, thus increasing the competitiveness and innovation of education. The internationalization of HE is very important as it influences all spheres. MRSU runs a number of double degree programmes and is intensively involved in Erasmus+ programme, including CBHE and Jeanne Monnet.


The interest in international mobility is defined by the priorities MRSU and its programme of university development. It emphasizes the development of international cooperation in the field of academic research and academic mobility for both students and staff.


MRSU has successfully implemented a number of international programmes involving both students and staff with European countries: UK, Italy, Finland, Romania, NL, Ireland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary and France; and non-EU partners, such as China, Tajikistan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. However, it emphasizes that internationalization should be rooted in the EU experience, as this can foster the growth of national education and increase integration with international Higher Educational Institution.

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Bol’shevistskaya Ulitsa, 68

Saransk, Mordovia Republic

Russia, 430005


Visit MRSU Website: mrsu.ru

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