Petrozavodsk State University (PetrSU)

About PetrSU

Petrozavodsk State University is a flagship university of the Russian Federation. In this special status the university serves as a driver of socio-economic development of the region (Euroregion Karelia) and identifies the innovative agenda.  PetrSU comprises 11 educational institutes including Engineering, IT, Pedagogy, Medicine, Biology, Economics and Law etc. (about 7000 undergraduate and graduate students, over 2000 part-time students and about 1600 faculty and staff). 


PetrSU includes 5 innovative parks(IT, Bio-medical, Engineering, Humanitarian, Pedagogical, Youth),   3 scientific research institutes, 5 institutes on integrated inter-disciplinary research, the Publishing House, the Scientific Library and more than 40 international, regional and university innovation centers. 


PetrSU is a member of U-Arctic, actively participates in North2North, Visba, Erasmus+, FIRST + (Finish-Russian Student and teacher exchange), Stipendium Hungaricum and other programs. Annually over 200 students and university teachers participate in academic mobility. There are over 500 international students from over 60 countries. Within the last 3 years, their number doubled.


Currently, we deliver one EMI  double degree MA program “International relations”. In 2020 PetrSU will launch 3 MA programs with an EMI module: Internet of Things, Comparative Social Work, and Tourism and a Specialist EMI program “General Medicine”.

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Prospekt Lenina, 33

Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia

Russia, 185035


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