Special Hybrid Annual Steering Meeting of Coordinator & AR Partners and Introductory Main Curriculum Training

During 27-28 of October, 2022 a special hybrid annual steering group meeting and training took place at PAARA within the frameworks of the Erasmus+ KA2 “Support for Innovative Methodology, Approaches and Tools for Teaching through the Medium of English (EMI) in order to improve Educational Yield, Sustainability and Internationalization [SMARTI]” project.  An opening speech was delivered by rector of PAARA, who introduced the project, implemented activities and future plans. Project partners in Yerevan held face-to-face meeting while partners from the regions participated in the meeting remotely.  On the first day of the meeting Gerard Cullen- SMARTI project coordinator from Dresden University of Technology elaborated on the changes made in the roadmap of the project, the training of the 10 EMI modules which is planned to take place in April 2023 in Liverpool John Moores University. He also spoke about the further development of the modules, obtaining literature and future plans of the project. On the same day all the present university representatives briefly introduced the current status and the achievements of their university within the frameworks of the project.  The next day was mainly devoted to the training of three modules. Other interested employees of the partner universities were invited to take part as well. Andrea Stubenraucher from TUD delivered a training about the 4th module “EMI research and writing skills”, Sven Riddell spoke about the 9th module “ESP pathway program” and Gerard Cullen briefly introduced the 10th module “Individual teaching support”.For more information please visit here and here.



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