Armenian National Agrarian University (ANAU)

About ANAU

As unique state educational institution providing agricultural higher education, ANAU is an important player in the field and is involved in many processes as an important educational potential for the country. The university is guided by statutory goals, international and national priorities, current labor market requirements, international trends in education and science.


The new mission of the university is

  • To train agro-technology specialists capable of developing their agricultural skills with their professional skills and cooperation with stakeholders in the field;
  • To enhance the University’s scientific potential by offering the best solutions for progress;
  • To Introduce smart technologies using and demonstrating the benefits of a knowledge-based economy.


The vision of the University is to “become a center of excellence in agri-technological research and innovation, fostering the harmonious cooperation of agricultural education, science and production”.


The activities of ANAU are directed to prepare specialists with different degrees (bachelor, master, PhD, doctorate, certified specialist, researcher) in the agro-technological sphere. More than 55000 alumni have made an invaluable contribution to the development of agriculture, food industry, agricultural mechanization, amelioration, hydro-technical construction and other fields of economy.


ANAU realizes educational, scientific and consulting activities. The University has a highly qualified professorial and pedagogical staff. ANAU has initiated and is currently realizing numerous academic-educational projects, which correspond to international academic standards and stem from the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. With 5 faculties, several research institutes and centres of ANAU is very active in international cooperation, staff and student exchanges within the different EU projects including Erasmus+ and bilateral cooperation programs. Educational and industrial internships are organized in leading enterprises of the RA.


Armenian National Agrarian University has clearly defined missions and visions in the field of internationalization and international relation development aiming to integrate into European Higher Education Area (EHEA), to build an international educational platform for the University, to establish international relations in the fields of education, innovation and research through the increased participation in European scientific-research and mobility programs with the help of which ANAU will become a competitive, highly internationalized educational and research institution. With regard to the mentioned the “English as a Medium of Instruction” is considered to be the integral part of the University Internationalization strategy. Various Centers and Departments operate within the University among which the Department of International Relations, the Chair of Foreign Languages and the Language Center are the crucial ones. These Unities promote and support non-language faculty staff to teach, write and correct in English. Currently English as a medium of instruction (EMI) is introduced at ANAU Agribusiness Teaching Center in the field of Agribusiness and Marketing. There are two degrees in the above-mentioned fields: 2 – year Undergraduate Agribusiness Program and 2 – year Master of Agribusiness Program (MAB).


Graduates receive a State Diploma from Armenian National Agrarian University and a Certificate from Texas A&M University.

In 2016 as a result of the processes of quality assurance and monitoring “Agrarian Management” master program received an international accreditation certificate.

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