EMI Communicative Online Integrated Learning Event (COIL) of Smarti, Edify and Empower Women Consortium



May 29, 2024 14.50 PM - 17.00 PM CET



29 May COIL Event (see info on https://collab-edu.com/hub/coil)
EMI Student Presentations on Entrepreneurship for staff and students from Smarti and from Empower Women Entrepreneurship CBHE and the Edify Equality, Diversity and Inclusion projects.



  1. Present new approaches to the development of entrepreneurial skills.
    Present how non-business students can learn to develop the initiative to take measured risks in starting a business? Present ideas and funding, e.g., crowdfunding.
    Team Leader; Lisolotte
  2. Student to Entrepreneur – Business and Marketing Plan
    Present tips on making a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan for non-business students
    Team Leader: Zhaleh Goldarani


24 students and staff attended online plus 17 offline totalling 41 in this very successful EMI event with presentations, Q&A sessions and final discussion.

We would like all participants for their 3 hour attendance and active participation!


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